A sci-fi epic unfolding via various vignettes...... exploring life, death, and the movement of souls through time.

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28th Sep 2021, 11:11 AM


Chapter: 6 : Oculesics Page: 06

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ithidunes 28.9.2021, 11:11 AM
If I cared enough to back-edit the other 5 pages in this chapter so far I'd change all the lighting to this; I had a stroke of genius for what I'd wanted to go for, but, struggled with for some reason lmfao. But, not gonna edit the other pages that's too much work *~*

Also I think I may be taking a few weeks off from updating here, I need to build up my buffer pages again. (And sorry for the slight inconsistency in updating these past few weeks! I know it's not the end of the world if I miss one here n there but, uhhhhh, I'm an anxious and guilty-feeling person at heart lmfao.)

See y'all again soon! <3

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ninus hideon
28.9.2021, 5:41 PM
ninus hideon
I can relate to this.
Both for feeling like I'm a terrible friend and for being an anxious and guilty-feeling person...
Sometimes I just think I'm the worst... I fix that by thinking of the worse persons I know and by affirming I will never ever be as bad as them.

Anyway, nice work with the lighting!
Till the next update :3
8.10.2021, 3:00 PM
Yeah, its such a hard thought pattern to break out of sometimes! I feel you- but looking at other people is definitely a good method to judge your character, too! (And you seem like a very sweet person, fwiw <3 We just gotta hang in there with those bad brain days!)
3.10.2021, 9:55 PM
I like the lighting change! I assume it's from the sunset, given that this would probably be late in the day. Like the sun is just starting to go down, and it adds drama to the scene. I hope you have a good break, I totally get feeling guilty about "underperforming", I feel that way a lot as well. But at the end of the day, you're making art & providing free entertainment, so I always try to stay relaxed & remember it should be fun.
8.10.2021, 3:02 PM
Aww thank you! I really appreciate that- I had a pretty strong color sketch from some of my draft pages, but I didn't manage to translate it very well until this one... but I do think it turned out well here! <3

And thank you for your kind words too, its definitely a struggle sometimes. I will def keep that in mind tho, that it's supposed to be fun! :D